It is quite fitting I should write my first blog post here, at the Café Vincent in the modestly quiet municipality of Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw, Poland.
There are three reasons for why it is so:
For one – I like coffee a lot. I love taking a moment out of my day to enjoy a small cup of bitter espresso and reflect on things. It gives me time to muse about photography and I usually end up doing exactly that while I sip my tasty, sandy cup of freshly brewed black.
Reason two is that taking a day off work is what needs to happen every once in a while to afford me those moments of reconnecting to my creative side which is precisely what I am doing at the moment and it is bearing fruit, as you evidenced by this initial post.
And reason three is that I am here among others who took time to pause and ponder, or at least pondered pausing to take their time. With my trusty old Leicaflex SL sitting on a polished hardwood table next to some flowers in a vase, this makes for a perfect setting to start a photography blog. The curious irony of it is that I am not a photographer at all…