Icarus in Flight - a fortuitous snap of a sun lit antique airplane in flight, looking as if evolving from the birds below, or possibly struggling to fit into an imaginary key over a levy on the eastern bank of Vistula river in Warsaw, Poland.
In the beginning…

In the beginning…

It is quite fitting I should write my first blog post here, at the Café Vincent in the modestly quiet municipality of Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw, Poland. With my trusty old Leicaflex SL sitting on a polished hardwood table next to some flowers in a vase, this makes for a perfect setting to start a photography blog. The curious irony of it is that I am not a photographer at all…

A freelance photographer, always on the way somewhere where the light is just grand. Born Polish, raised Canadian. Photography is a passion, a form of expression and a positive obsession.

Main areas of interest are fashion, travel, lifestyle and editorial professionally. Personally, it’s street and sensual fine art photography. Best when all are combined.

Please contact me for castings and shoots. I travel frequently but always reply, always as fast as possible.



Contact: direct message @yastrebsky on Facebook or Instagram