In the beginning…

Why start another blog about photography? 

Because I can. And because there are a shit load of problems an old dude like myself needs to face when trying to make his way into the photography world. I’m not talking making it into the business of photography, as that is an entirely different subject altogether, though obviously it’s a part of it. 

There are a ton of frustrating moments, moments of self doubt, even emotional anguish and a hell of a lot of second-guessing and compromising one needs to be ready for. It’s amazing how damn difficult it is to create anything remotely interesting. 

I’ve always taken decent photographs. Not all, but I had a certain eye for correct structure and framing. I knew how to take proper, balanced images. That’s all. I thought it was enough to start thinking of myself as a photographer. But that’s not even scratching the surface of what good photography is about. 

So yeah. This blog has to be about trying to figure out what good photography is and how to get it done. Because it sure as hell ain’t working for me now. 


A classic Leitz-Wetzlar made Leicaflex SL with a 50mm Summicron-R f/2 lying on a wooden table at Cafe Vincent.