Photography is possibly the only socially acceptable way of satisfying my curiosity and continuing my search for the uncommon, even if it yields nothing more than another visual flirt.
What I find most intriguing in life and in visual arts is a mixture of routine, beauty, sense of humor and sublime sensuality – their combination can be shown in the most compelling fashion to breathe life into an otherwise bland scene.
To me, a photograph begins with an idea, inspiration, light, sound, fragrance, making contact with another human being, common vision, the need to create, which often means ditching any rules, ignoring mainstream beauty, manicured style and perfection.
Collaborations: artistic spirits, free, restless, interesting, amateur, curious, ready, daring, body-positive, wild, original, sensitive and with piles of sense of humour – you are all cordially invited:

Enquiries: @yastrebsky on Facebook or Instagram